About Us


Founded in 2013, Transbroue is the first private company to specialize in the distribution of microbrewed beer in Québec. Due to the lack of dependable large-scale beer distributor, Glutenberg founders decided to start their own distributor. Instant success ensued. Breweries placing their confidence in Transbroue saw rapid sales growth as well as lowering their shipping costs. In 2014, Transbroue was already distributing 7 microbreweries and 1 brand of cider.


Transbroue has the ambition of distributing, in the Québec market, the best beers brewed here and elsewhere. The company works towards two goals:



Region / BreweryPhoneEmail
Administration Transbroue2350 rue Dickson, local 950, Montréal, Québec, H1N 3T1514-251-0333[email protected]
Alam Aguilar-PlatasOutaouais, Laval, Laurentides514-510-9863[email protected]
Christophe SandersCommandes514-802-8973[email protected]
Guillaume CôtéQuébec, Saguenay, Beauce418-998-8628[email protected]
Jason LaforestRive-Sud de Montréal, Montérégie, Estrie et Centre Du Québec514-651-6736[email protected]
Mathieu BrazeauMontréal (Ouest de l'Avenue Papineau), West Island514-458-9319[email protected]
Vincent BoisvertMontréal (Est de l'Avenue Papineau), Lanaudière et Mauricie514-915-9205[email protected]